Environmental Sustainability

We have over 25 years helping customers reduce maintenance budgets & achieve their environmental sustainability initiatives by extending the life of an asset they already own — railroad ties.

Plus rehab relay ties in US rail lines
Plus landscape ties supplied to retailers
Plus Years In Business


Nevada Railroad Materials + Services is committed to being a good steward of our planet. By partnering with the railroads we strive to find responsible and workable solutions by repurposing rail infrastructure material. For over 25 years NRM+S has taken a wooden railroad tie and brought new life to it. Our mission is to handle every railroad tie responsibly either by refurbishing for railroad use, converting to energy or, utilizing for retail sales.

A partnership with NRM+S is not only a good business decision but a good environmental sustainability decision. We can help each of our customers inch closer to meeting their sustainability initiatives by either using our products or providing the products we repurpose.