NRM Safety Beliefs:

It takes a constant presence of mind to work for the railroad. You have to have a constant presence of mind, on where you are, and what you are doing at all times to prevent injury to yourself or the people you are working with.


Nevada Railroad Materials, Inc. (NRM) purpose is to offer excellent, cost-effective, efficient, timely service to all its railroad customers.


NRM offers high quality tie programs including install, replacement, and clean up processes that meet the highest federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.  NRM's success can be attributed to its valued employees, its high standards in both producing a high quality product and doing high quality work.  Our customer service is second to none.


Nevada Railroad Materials, Inc. (NRM), Bob Ollendick, and Tom Ollendick officially incorporated in 1993.  Bob Ollendick and Tom Ollendick, principals of NRM, have a combined 70+ years of experience in the railroad materials business.  Prior to incorporating as NRM, the Ollendick’s worked rail projects for the entire Southern Pacific (SP) network.  That relationship has continued and grown with Union Pacific (UP) after the successful merger of SP and UP was completed in 1998.  NRM has grown from ten employees in 1993 to 150 employees today.  NRM has successfully participated in many types of rail projects including class 1 projects, port projects such as upgrades at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach, along with various transit projects such as Pasadena Blueline, Regional Transit District - Denver, Frontrunner - Salt Lake City, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Santa Fe, New Mexico Railrunner, and Tri-Rail - Florida.  Additionally, NRM was a subcontractor on the Panama Canal Railroad Rehab - Panama, Central America.


NRM has three active rehab tie plants in Clinton, IA; Wister, OK; and Tucson, AZ. There is also a retail yard at the Tucson, AZ locations. NRM also has a tie preplate plant in North Little Rock, AR.

NRM transloads material from both trucks and railcars, installs concrete/wood ties to finished grade, crush/dispose of concrete railroad ties, and does track removal for various contractors throughout the USA.  NRM owns its own fleet of heavy haul trucks, construction, and track equipment.

Currently NRM holds active contracts with many independent Short Line railroads, Short Line holding companies, several Class Ones, and transit railroad contractors.  These different service contracts include tie supply, track construction, destruction, reconstruction, and the use of environmentally friendly tie disposal processes for both concrete and wood ties.  Wood ties are disposed of using cogen-burning facilities throughout the US.  Concrete ties and crossing panels are crushed and disposed of in an environmentally approved manner. 

NRM has been able to consistently grow its business at a steady rate of 5% per year since 2007.  The growth is due to NRM's ability to be flexible to market needs and offer innovative solutions to today's railroad environment.  NRM was one of the first companies of its kind to offer a cost effective, environmentally friendly option to increasing the longevity of wood ties by creating the first of its kind foam injected tie repair process.  Two part industrial strength foam is injected through a patented process into the spike holes of the ties creating an internal bonding that offers a substantial increase to the tie's continued use as part of the railroad bed structure. 


The Rail industry demand is predicted to grow to 88% in 2035 from the 2002 demand levels.  The US Department of Transportation forecast will require on-going, building, maintaining, and rehabilitation of the US rail network.  NRM intends to continue to be a top industry provider of track materials and construction maintenance to the rail industry well into the future.


NRM continues to offer Cogeneration disposal services, on-going concrete tie disposal, wood tie rehabilitation and production, continued research and development to improve cost efficiencies of both wood and concrete tie processes along with future investments for new production and disposal facilities, and mobile warehousing locations as required based upon our customer’s needs to fulfill their annual engineering plans. 

NRM currently owns dozens of patents for equipment used in pre-plating, tie rehabilitation and tie reconstruction for ties used by the rail industry.  This ultimately allows the Industry to save time, resources, and money by offering more efficient tie production methods, the ability to reuse ties, and revolutionizing tie disposal.


NRM is a privately held corporation.  NRM was incorporated in 1993 in the State of Nevada.  NRM has a seasoned management staff with combined over one hundred years of railroad industry experience.  NRM has positioned itself for continued growth by hiring and training future company leaders.  Since 2007, NRM has hired and trained several executive level employees to ensure the continued growth and excellent customer service our railroad customers have come to expect.  NRM intends to continue to hire and train future leaders, managers, and employees at every level of the company at a pace that allows NRM to actively match and support its customer’s needs today and tomorrow as the industry grows and expands.