At NRM+S we live and breathe railroad ties. We refurbish them. We pre-plate them. We sell them wholesale. Each used tie is first graded for quality to determine if the refurbished tie will go back into a rail line or shipped to a retailer for a second life as a landscaping tie. Ties that are in too poor condition to be refurbished are burned and converted to energy. We are a sustainability-minded business and make sure that the last place a tie ends up is in a landfill.

We also offer pre-plating, wood panel building, and track labor services for railroad companies. We have plating and paneling facilities across the US and are proud to call many of the top rail companies in the country our partners.

For over 25 years we’ve helped rail companies meet their sustainability initiatives and reduce their maintenance budgets by reusing an asset they already own – railroad ties. We take pride in offering safe, cost-effective, efficient, and timely service to all our railroad and retail customers.

Plus relay ties in US rail lines
Plus landscape ties supplied to retailers
Plus Years In Business
% Dedicated To Customer Satisfaction

Plant Services

Our facility offers a variety of wood and concrete tie pre plating services.

Screw and cut spike pre-plating of wood ties…Learn More

Building of wood panels using cut spikes. Concrete capabilities available on request…Learn More

Plating of various tie lengths with copper nap and glue lam ties using screw spikes…Learn More

Secondhand OTM sorting for use in panel building and pre plating services…Learn More

If there’s something you need that isn’t listed contact us to discuss. …Contact Us

Relay Rail Ties

We have established ourselves as a top quality supplier of relay & landscape rail ties.

Our best railroad tie produced. Designed for track installation with 4 good sides, square corners, no surface rot or cracking. Both ends have end plates…Learn More

Premium quality tie, for those who require the best landscape tie available. 3-4 good sides, minimum plate cuts up to ½ inch, little to no end cracking, good square corners. Straight solid tie…Learn More

Good quality tie. Great for retaining walls, parking lot curb stops, or fence post. 3 good sides, plate cut up to ¾ inch, minor end splits up to ¾ inch…Learn More

Basic quality tie for fence post, small retaining walls, border or edging work, or blocking. 2-3 good sides, plate cuts noticeable (up to 1”), end splitting noticeable (up to 1”). Still has a good appearanceLearn More

Basic quality tie for fence posts, border or edging work, or blocking. 1-2 good sides,
plate cuts noticeable (up to 1.5”), end splitting noticeable (up to 1.5”), corners can be rounded or missing…Learn More

Track Services

Our skilled labor team offers a variety of track services.

Removal of abandoned secondary, mainline and industrial tracks…Learn More

Disposal of most non hazardous track construction materials including rail, crossing panels and OTM etc…Learn More

Non-hazmat cleaning. …Learn More

We offer many other track services. See the full list. …Learn More


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